Tuesday, August 6, 2013

January - June 2013

Here area couple pictures of Brandon's baptism in February 2013.

Baby Matt w/ his favorite aunt.

Brandon's first Pinewood Derby.

The kids at Fort Clatsop, where Lewis and Clark wintered. We visited there over spring break.

Brandon's homemade haircut. I took this picture in the stealth of night. :)

Cool Bubba at the glasses store.

Alexis at her spring dance recital.

Alexis & Lester @ the father-daughter campout. They also have a father-son campout. Notice the lack of mom at these outings...which is just as it should be. :)

Alexis @ BizTown, sponsored by Junior Achievement. The 5th graders study economics and business for several weeks in class. Then they are "hired" for a day to perform certain jobs at BizTown, a simulated city with businesses such as a bank, store, cafe, insurance, healthcare facility, etc. Alexis was a project manager at Discovery Center, where they learned about robotics, etc. She was so excited because she got a robot working!

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