Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The upside of being sick

Okay, you must think we have spent the past six weeks standing wistfully on the porch watching the Masons drive on to a new life in New Mexico. Well, we have felt sad and do miss them, but as you can tell, they are well and happy and enjoying that which we Oregonians have very little of this time of year...sunshine.

(Although, I admit it was so nice to hear a diesel engine roaring at the back of the neighborhood this past week and realize that could be Mitch's truck since he was in town for a training meeting. It was also nice to have him borrow cleaning supplies and for he and Lester to go see Quantum of the Menace, or Solace of the Quantam or whatever the new James Bond movie is called.)

But when we finally pried ourselves from the porch, we enjoyed the most excellent October weather EVER, including Halloween. Pictures on that later, probably around Christmas time, hee, hee.

But lately, we have been sick. Not just sick, but super sick. The kids with strep and myself with strep and a bronchial infection. I will not describe the gory details, but seriously, there is a certain level of sickenss one sort of enjoys, you know, the kind that you can curl up on the couch in your plaid pajama bottoms and an old sweatshirt and sip hot soup and watch old romantic comedies. I was not at that level. But I am feeling better enough to tell you the positives from this experience:

1- My husband. It was the beginning of his weeklong Thanksgiving vacation. I'm sure he wished it wasn't. But he cheerfully did laundry and dishes, straightened the house, fed and cared for the kids, made beds, took us the doctor multiple times, became best friends with the Rite-Aid pharmacist, soothed my fevered brow, and otherwise rocked. You can't pay for loving service like that.

2- Alexis falling asleep under the piano and muttering in her sleep, "Go, Ducks, go." I think she was referring to the food drive at school between Ducks fans and Beavers fans. This, from the daughter of Cougar fans? Still, in the case of hunger, we can all be winners.

3- I lost EIGHT pounds in FIVE days. I know when I inhale Thanksgiving dinner, however, all those pounds will return....each bringing a friend, I am sure. Sigh.

4- Darilyn who called to see if I was going to our ward's monthly potluck for mothers with noisy kids. When she discovered I was sick, she asked if I need anything. I asked if she could pick up some OJ. She cheerfully arrived with two huge things of FRESHLY SQUEEZED ORANGE JUICE. She even wouldn't let me pay her back. Darilyn, you rock!

4- Visiting teachers who have already over-served me. But, at one pathetic phone call from me, delicious dinners arrived at our doorstep last night and tonight, with HOMEMADE BREAD. Bless you, Sarah and Diana.

5- Two worthy priesthood brothers coming last night to give blessings to our entire family. When they entered and during my blessing I could feel the Spirit so strongly. Thank you, Julie and Brenda, for lending your wonderful husbands to us on a Monday! I am sooo thankful for my membership in the Lord's true church.

6- Finally, I am thankful I am feeling well enough to feel thankful that I am getting better, if that makes any sense.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my dear friends and their families!