Friday, January 2, 2009

How Do I Love Thee...Let Me Count the 40 Ways

Yes, that's man is turning 40 tomorrow! Since 40 is such a LARGE number, I won't list 40 reasons that I adore my husband, but I'll do the top 10.

10- He's the son of a plumber. If there's a leak or a clog anywhere in this house, I can rely on him to fix it!

9-His financial conservatism. In an economic downturn, I'm so grateful that we have money saved, no unnecessary debt, and a man who knows how spend our money wisely.

8- How hard he works. Whether it's on the job or around the house, he gets the job done.

7- His thoughtfulness. He rarely asks me what I want for gifts...he just "observes," as he puts it, and gets me the things that I really want or need: a kitty, an iPod, framing the first (and only) article I ever published, a down comforter to keep me warm. (Just don't mention the piano).
6- He is a loving son and brother. He is always calling on his parents' birthdays and on other holidays and praying for them.

5- I can depend on him. When I was so sick, he was father, mother, husband, nurse, chauffeur, employee, and everything in between.

4- He's a splendid father. He takes the kids on special "trips" like the circus, fishing, and the Children's Museum. He also knows how to make them laugh, and I love their little jokes.

3- He's funny and makes me laugh. For instance, he knows my aversions to snakes, mint, and Tabasco sauce and uses every opportunity to tease me (in a loving way).

2- His faithfulness. Ever since I've known him, he does his home teaching and fulfilled every calling he's ever received. The quiet, faithful acts he does day after day are a consistent example of Christlike service.

1- He loves me for me. Whether I am up or down or a little whacked out, he is the consistent rock in my life.
I love you, honey, and am so grateful to know that you will be mine forever!
Happy Birthday, sweetie.