Sunday, August 26, 2007

Missing pears

Scene: Dining room
Props: IKEA child's plate with pear slices for Brandon
1- Brandon gnaws on pears.
2- Mom so happy picky 2.5 year old is eating fruit.
3- Mom looks over. Pears are all gone. No peels, nothing.
4- Surprised Mom can't believe pears are ALL gone.
5- Daddy searches for pears. Not on table, not in sink.
6- Daddy asks Brandon where pears are. Brandon lifts blanket off toy shopping cart. "Ta-da!" he cries.
7- Missing pears found.

1st Lost Tooth!

Okay, I'm giving this blog thing a shot. And what a great event to start with. At dinner this evening, Alexis discovered she'd lost her first tooth...bottom middle. The dentist had told her it was loose, but we didn't think much more about it until tonight when she got all excited, and et voila, a missing tooth. Truly a big event in the life of our small family. When I figure out how to post pictures, Alexis's toothless smile will be the first one!