Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Words of wisdom from a 5-year-old

I really want to keep better track of the important (and just cute) events in the lives of my oh-so-sweet children and fabulous spouse. Brandon was just on one today with his mouth...so funny!

1- Swimming lessons this morning, learning the "look before you leap" rule. Swim teacher: What should you look for before you jump into the pool?" Brandon: "Sharks with open mouths."

2- Driving to swimming lessons: I think I see some houses that are being re-built.

3- After he spilled some milk on the floor: Me: "BRANDON!" Brandon: "I don't like it when people yell at me." Me: "Can I have a hug?" Brandon: "I don't hug people who yell at me until after one bed (night). Me, later: "I'm sorry, Brandon. Can I have a hug?" Result: Hug!

4- Prayers from a Star-Wars-obsessed little boy: "Please help for my family birthday I get all the light sabers, for my friend birthday party I get the Legos Star Wars AT-AT (or something like that)." And then to make sure he didn't leave out anything, he said something about getting all the AT-ATs and the Battle of Endor (both LEGOs Star Wars toys).

I love you, Bubs!