Friday, April 9, 2010

The End of an Era

This is Lester posting tonight and it is with a bit of sadness and nostalgia that I announce the end of an era. After 15 years of driving fun, the time has come to bid a fond farwell to my Eagle Talon. This event gives me an opportunity to reflect on the many changes in my life during the last 15 years and to pay tribute to my reliable Eagle Talon.

Lester and his brand new 1995 Eagle Talon (May 1995)

Lester and very used Talon (Apr 2010)
Since I am a numbers guy, I would like to share a few fun #'s:
124,880: # of miles driven in the Eagle Talon
15: # of years I have owned the Talon AND years worked at Intel
9: # of positions I have had at work since purchasing the Talon (all at Intel)
7: # of places I have lived since buying the Talon
12: # of years I have been married to my sweet, wonderful wife, Elizabeth
2: # of beautiful children I have been blessed with (Alexis, 8 & Brandon, 5)
1: One reliable, fun to drive car

Goodbye, old friend!!!

Now, a new era begins with my 2007 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. What experiences and adventures await in the next 15 years?