Sunday, October 31, 2010

Poor stuffed kitty

Today, while I was blissfully snoozing the morning away, the kids went to town. Brandon has a stuffed kitty named Yoggi, after our dearly departed cat.

He and Alexis were playing animal rescue. Yoggi had fallen into the garbage can and needed a bath. He had been searching for food, thought he smelled it in a trash bin, only it was dirty diapers he smelled. Hence, the need for a bath.

The kids put him in water in their bathroom sink. When they lifted him up, his fur was all "spiky." They wanted to put soap on him, but Daddy interfered and said he needed to go to the dryer. Both kids pulled up a chair and watched Yoggi do flips in the dryer.

Poor, poor kitty.

Monday, October 18, 2010

How to "Boo" Your Friends, the Dimit Way

In our ward, we have an annual tradition of leaving anonymous treats on each other's doorsteps, along with a picture of a ghost and instructions for passing the love along.

We were "boo"ed the other night, and received delicious tuxedo popcorn and Chex beautiful, so delicious, so gone! :-)

Anyway, the kids and I made copies of the ghost and instructions and bought candy at Albertson's. (No gourmet treats, but lots of love).

We decided to "boo" one of Brandon's friends first. Here is how it went:
1- Casual drive-by to case the joint. Mommy whistles casually, as if we were sauntering along. Alexis almost suffocates on her laughter. However, we rein ourselves in to note that said residence has not been "boo"ed.
2- We park around the corner, and Brandon approaches the house, candy in hand, ready to make the drop. Mom and Alexis hover at the corner, waiting, waiting.
3- Brandon runs back, and we think...success! But, no!
4- We forgot the papers! Brandon dashes back with the papers, sees said friend and his mom at the door, unsure if he was spotted or not.
5- Mommy, Alexis, and Brandon collapse with laughter.

House number 2:
1- We drive by several residences, Mommy's whistling getting a little more tiring and a lot less funny.
2- We decide on some good friends, park down the street from them.
3- This time it's Alexis who sneaks around the corner. "Got the papers, Alexis? Good."
4- She runs up the sidewalk, when the goody bag bursts open and WHAMMO! Our homemade Peanut M &Ms and Crunch bars scatter across the sidewalk.
5- "Stop, Alexis! We'll put them in a new goody bag." Because, really, how pathetic is a broken good-bag at your doorstep?
6- But Alexis is on a mission. She scoops up the candy, and makes for the front door, broken goody bag and all. She rings the doorbell, runs, and we flee.
7- A couple of drive-bys, just to make sure the front porch is "blank," as Alexis puts it. It is.


Other funnies of the day:
1- At the cart return at Albertson's, Alexis stands on the side rails and treats the parking lot to a few spontaneous cheers (for Aloha football).
2- I put a plate of gourmet scrambled eggs in front of Alexis for dinner. She looks at the steam, and waves her hands across is, back and forth, back and forth. "I'm sending smoke signals."

Seriously, that kid is going to star in one of my novels these days.