Monday, May 19, 2008

Who Are the Nicest People in the World?

The Masons! The Masons! The Masons!

Why, you may ask, are they the nicest people in the world? Well, if you know them you don't need to ask. However, I do have a specific reason for blogging about their essential niceness. They helped us do that most abominable of chores...yard work!

They had a family home evening lesson on service and arrived this evening with kids and tools and gloves. Our yard is a wasteland of dirt because Lester pulled out all the old grass and is re-seeding. A lovely mountain of topsoil that smells like ammonia has been residing on our driveway for two days next to a pile of rolled-up sod and dirt waiting for a trip to the dump.

So, while Lester and Mitch hauled "rotten horse poop," as Mitch put it, from the front yard to the back yard, the kids ran around, helped, and ran around some more. Mahina methodically weeded the bottom of our hill while I pulled out dead tulips and tackled the area below our rock wall.

To correspond with their lesson on service, the Dimits had a lesson on gratitude. We were all prepared to thank them with dessert, but no, they even brought treats!

Now, isn't that nice?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

He's all, I mean, boy!

I had to do some work on-site at a client's this week, and Mahina helped me out by watching my kids...and a few others! It was quite the party at her house.

Unfortunately, Brandon, who is still being potty trained, had an accident. Here is what happened, in her own words, as copied from her blog:

it was a very exciting day and this little guy didn't want to miss out on any of the fun. the problem is, as most of you know, we have no male offspring in our home! so, when a cute little boy has a "little accident" in our home, he doesn't have many choices outside of pink! so this is what you get:

i was very pleased with lala's willingness to share her clothes with her friend. she excitedly took him up to her room and was so thoughtful in her choices. you see, these pink pants were the perfect choice for brandon because the bottom of the pants zip off to make capris. brandon is shorter than lala, so all she had to do was zip the bottoms off and these "capris" became the obvious best choice! (INTERJECTION: Yes, Lala was very sweet, and those pants were a great choice!)

who cares that they are bright pink and he is a boy! apparently, he is secure enough in his "manhood" to not care! at least she did let him maintain some dignity by giving him a blue shirt, just don't point out the cute little pink flowers along the bottom!